Beer Table

Six Pack Subscription

$35 - Commuter
Curious about good beer but don’t know where to start? Look no further than the commuter package. Great examples of classic styles are always available in this package from traditional and brand new producers alike. And with two bottles or cans of each selection, this pack is perfect for sharing with a friend on the train ride home.
$55 - Conductor
Looking to make the jump from casual beer fan to bonafide beer geek? The conductor package can get you there lickety-split! Like the Commuter package, each pack contains two bottles of each selection. But this pack is sure to include some not-so-introductory selections to help expand your beer knowledge.
$75 - Connoisseur 
Tried everything under the sun but always curious to try something new? The connoisseur package is perfect for you! Inside each box you’ll find two 750ml bottles of some of the most exclusive liquid we’ve received at the shop that week.


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