Our Team


Justin Philips, Founder

Always seeking a new adventure or experience, Justin serendipitously discovered his affinity for beer while working in a wine shop in Boston. This led to a position with a highly influential beer importer, and eventually to a clear vision for a unique way to present beer. Justin’s vision has always been to present beer as food and as something relevant to anyone who eats and drinks. He firmly believes that beer is among the most basic and significant elements of any dining experience. This is the driving value behind the concept of the Beer Table name, brand and culture.

Megan Saxelby, General Manager

Megan joined the Beer Table team after earning a degree in Nutrition from the University of Texas. Aside from an obvious passion for beer, she loves experimenting in the kitchen, biking, Longhorn Football, and spending time with her husband, daughter and dog. She fully admits that, as ludicrous as it sounds, her Beer Table Table Beer would likely be modeled after either Montegioco Bran Reserva or Schlenkerla Marzen.

Grand Central Terminal

Noah L.

Noah was born and raised in New Jersey, went to college in southern California and has called New York home for the last seven years. He feels that Blackberry Farm's Classic Saison may just be the best beer ever, though Andechs' Vollbier Hell runs a close second.

Gavin M.

After five years of working in Brooklyn tech start-ups, Gavin jumped at the chance to make the move from long-time Beer Table customer to full-time Beer Table team member. In addition to cooking, hunting for new beers, and traveling, he enjoys exploring the Adirondacks and hiking in the Hudson Valley. Gavin hopes to someday cycle from brewery to brewery in Belgium's Ardennes Forest region with his brother.

Fee D.

Fee is originally from L.A., and didn’t truly enjoy beer until traveling abroad in the hot deserts of West Africa, when only that ice cold adjunct lager would do. She still loves beer, though now prefers a quenching gulp of a gose on a hot day. She studied Acting at Boston University, so when she is not pouring beer, making coffee, or baking bread, you can find her performing and singing with Dzieci Theatre. As if that weren't enough, she also writes for Thirsty Mag, covering beer events and culture in the city. She's thrilled to be a part of the Beer Table crew, and is looking forward to expanding her knowledge on all things beer!

Kevin M.

Kevin is originally from Sonoma County, California. He moved to New York to escape the peaceful and quiet landscape and moderate temperatures of the Mediterranean climate; it began to take a toll on his well-being, it was too easy, too nice, he worried of becoming complacent. He had a gut feeling that he needed the adversity, chaos, and neurotic weather patterns of NYC. Kevin’s ideal beer experience is a can of lager and his skateboard. When he’s not selling beer, he can be found writing down his thoughts and experiences in his composition book, making music in his bedroom, producing/collaborating/performing with other musicians, taking acting and improv comedy classes, trying to find an open gym and play five-on-five basketball, cooking his own meals, and trying to make people laugh. He is very grateful and excited for his opportunity at Beer Table.

Isa G.

Isa graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. But later discovered that her true passion was within the food and beverage industry and pursued a culinary certificate from Kingsborough. When she's not at Beer Table, Isa enjoys biking through Brooklyn and checking out the newest restaurants and bars, cooking at home or curling up with a book and a beer - preferably a porter or stout!

Interested in joining the Beer Table team?

We're always accepting resumes, please send yours to megan@beertable.com along with a brief description about why you're interested in working with us.