Our Team


Justin Philips, Founder

Always seeking a new adventure or experience, Justin serendipitously discovered his affinity for beer while working in a wine shop in Boston. This led to a position with a highly influential beer importer, and eventually to a clear vision for a unique way to present beer. Justin’s vision has always been to present beer as food and as something relevant to anyone who eats and drinks. He firmly believes that beer is among the most basic and significant elements of any dining experience. This is the driving value behind the concept of the Beer Table name, brand and culture.

Megan, General Manager

Megan joined the Beer Table team after earning a degree in Nutrition from the University of Texas. Aside from an obvious passion for beer, she loves experimenting in the kitchen, biking, Longhorn Football, and spending time with her husband, daughter and dog. She fully admits that, as ludicrous as it sounds, her Beer Table Table Beer would likely be modeled after either Montegioco Bran Reserva or Schlenkerla Marzen.

Grand Central Terminal

Michael, Store Manager

Michael Gallagher is one of the younger members of the Beer Table team and has lived up and down the east coast, mostly in Florida. A graduate of Boston College, he enjoys long boarding, exploring new food and beverage joints in the city, and going to the beach. His favorite beer would have to be the Abbaye de St. Bon Chien from BFM, but Cigar City Jai Alai will do in a pinch.

Chase B.

Chase moved to NYC in 2007 after graduating from UNC-Asheville. After several years selling cookware and kitchen products, he came to Beer Table to pursue knowledge of the craft beer world. He loves the great food and drinks around NYC, attending NYCFC games, cooking, and is a complete sucker for his cats. He'd pair a fresh SingleCut Bon Bon 2X TNT IIPA with some southern fried chicken, grits and greens (don't forget the hot sauce!), or a stellar cheese board with a Hanssens Oude Gueuze. Recent accomplishment: getting his wife to admit that the Monkish Brewing Co. Olivia rivals or bests any glass of rosé!

Evan T.

Evan recently joined Beer Table after a stint in the Coast Guard where he was stationed in Guam, Virginia and Maryland. Originally from Portland, Oregon, Evan graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Literature and is currently pursuing a second degree in Fermentation Science. He is a diehard Ducks fan, a home brewer and he digs funky and wild beers.

Douglass C.

Douglass Campbell was born and raised in New York and is currently going to school to become a paralegal. He has always loved beer and is constantly looking for the next best sour or stout. He likes to encourage others to expand their palates and try new beers. He is really enjoying his time working at Beer Table and is learning a lot about the beer scene.

Noah L.

Noah was born and raised in New Jersey, went to college in southern California and has called New York home for the last four years. He is currently pursuing a degree in applied statistics, but would much rather talk to you about beer. He feels that Blackberry Farm's Classic Saison may just be the best beer ever, though Andechs' Vollbier Hell runs a close second.

World Trade Center

Gavin, Operations Manager

After five years of working in Brooklyn tech start-ups, Gavin Murphy jumped at the chance to make the move from long-time Beer Table customer to full-time Beer Table team member. In addition to cooking, hunting for new beers, and traveling, he enjoys exploring the Adirondacks with his girlfriend and hiking in the Hudson Valley. Gavin hopes to someday cycle from brewery to brewery in Belgium's Ardennes Forest region with his brother.

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